Bianchi Intrepida 2016 Test

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We test the new Bianchi Intrépida 2016

Bicicleta Bianchi Intrepida 2016

I decided to try some of the bikes that we have in our test center in Valencia. Seeing that the day accompanies, it finally seems the wind that we are breaking these weeks has given us a truce. I ride the Go-Pro bracket, put the GPS in the power, adjust the saddle and put the bike to my exact measurements, since I am in my eleven week preparation and have about 4000 km without changing the bike leg and I don’t want to hurt me for not having adjusted it, this would be a typical beginner mistake.

With the electronic revised, pressures and lubrication, I start pedaling. In these first moments some doubts arise me since the bike is completely new and there is no test on this bike.entrada sweet continental bianchi alquiler valencia

A bicycle equipped with a last generation carbon monocoque frame and has a weight that is around the 1,100 g (picture) and as a whole is about the 8,300 g. This bikeis equipped with components Shimano and FSA whose price recommended by themanufacturer is just €1940! Look at it with some skepticism, since usually we are accustomed to prices significantly higher, but until not try it I decided not to judge it.

Last visual revision and I climb on the bike I’m finally riding! At the end, and after it is what I like, ride and being in contact with nature and roll for hours with the only help of your legs and leaving behind everything that surrounds us in every day.

Bicicleta Bianchi Intrepida 2016 alquiler Startbikevalencia

Bicicleta Bianchi Intrepida 2016 alquiler Startbikevalencia

My conclusion is that it is a perfect bike for a user who does not want to invest an important amount of money, since the price recommended for Bianchi in its official rate does not exceed €2000, price that most users are not used to. The equipment is a Shimano 105 11V mod. 2016 that works incredibly well, smoothness and reliability make this change one of the best-selling history but that version 11V is a pleasure that it can enjoy.

Finally note that as in most of the series, the worst thing on this test are the wheels, since it‘s a lowrange Shimano. We found this problem in most manufacturers today; even many manufacturers coBicicleta Bianchi Intrepida 2016 alquiler Startbikevalenciansidered “top” ride they put “low-range” wheels on its own brand. It is true that this fearless Bianchi 105 11v. fits y
perfectly medium-high range wheels and making a small investment, less than €2500, we would have a really balanced and competitive bike at an affordable price. This bike will surprise you pleasantly, you’ll find a perfect balance between stiffness and comfort and with small tweaks you can have perfect machine for the long weekend getaways or make your favorite marches without compromising your pocket too much

Model tested
: Bianchi Intrepida Shimano 105 11V. (2016)

Size tested: 51 (mi height is 172 cm.)

Available sizes: 48-51-54-57-60

Frame: Bianchi Full Carbon, 1.5″ head

Shifter: Shimano 105 ST-5800 2x11sp05 ST-5800 2x11sp

Rear derailleur: Shimano 105 RD-5800-L, 11sp

Front derailleur: Shimano 105 ST 2x11sp05

Cranks: Shimano FC-RS500-L 50x34T,

Pinions: Shimano 105 CS-5800 11sp, 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28T

Brakes: FSA

Handlebar: FSA

Stem: FSA

Saddle: San Marco Era Start, steel rail, 277x145mm

Wheels: Shimano WH-RS010-CL

Tyres: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x 25

Bottle cage: Included

Valuation (from 1 to 10)

Aesthetics, design and frame:

Frame: 9
Rigidity:  9
Reactivity:  8
Weight:  7
Aesthetics:  9
Finishs:  8

Assembly and components:

Group: 9
Crancks: 8
Brakes: 7
Wheels: 6
Saddle: 9
Rest: 9

In working:

Reactivity and acceleration: 8
Curves estability: 10
Comfort: 10
Driving position: 9

Final valuation:

Price & quality: 8
Aesthetics: 9
In working: 9

Value for money = 8’5

To be improved:         The best:
– Wheels

– Brake pads

– Cranks

– Comfortable frame

– Driving.

– Value for money



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