Bike rental contract conditions

1. MILAGROS ROMAGUERA SERRA, of full legal age, holder of the Spanish National Identity Document number 22.543.797-W, acting as Representative of STARTBIKE, hereinafter called The Company, offers a service consisting of the renting of bikes and accessories to be managed through her hotel accommodations collaborators.

2 .The person or entity interested in using this rental service, hereinafter called The User, shall be responsible for the care and return of the bike and accessories (padlocks, helmets, keys…). The User is forced to pay the corresponding rates contained in clause 8.

3 .The bikes and, if applicable, the accessories duly homologated and which comply with the exigible security measures and commercial guarantees, shall be returned in the same state and condition they were received. The User shall be responsible for any damage caused to them.

4 .The User is forced to chain and protect the bikes correctly when they are out of his/her sight.

5.In case of theft, robbery, destruction or damage of the bike and its accessories, The User shall be forced to report it before the corresponding Security Forces and to provide the Company with a copy of the report within a maximum 24-hour period from the detection of the offence.

6. Failing to provide the report, The Company reserves the right to collect full payment for the bike, as well as for the stolen material.

7. In case of theft, robbery, loss or damage of the material, The User shall be responsible for the full payment of the stolen or damaged material.

8. The value of the different accessories is as follows: Shifters 150€, sadle55€, rear wheel125€, front wheels 100€, brakes 30€, pedals 20€ each, seat tube €30. Rest of components according to Bianchi prices. In case of robbery or theft of the bike, the value amounts Bianchi prices list.

9.The late return of the bike/s implies the corresponding payment for the total hours that The User has had the bike at his disposal.

10. It will be necessary a credit card when signing the contract. A deposit of €300 shall be paid for each bike to be rented. This deposit will be refunded on the return of the bike in the same state and condition it was received. The deposit shall be used for covering all possible damages or losses in the bike or in the rented accessories. The payments in respect of the rent and the deposit shall be made in full and in advance on the signature of the corresponding rental agreement.

11. The User authorises The Company to charge to his/her credit card the corresponding amount for the damages or loss caused to the bikes, up to the amount corresponding to that damage according to values contained in clause 8.

12. In case that The Company must make use of this guarantee, the corresponding amount shall be charged after deducting the deposit given by The User, if applicable.

13. The User commits himself to comply with the current traffic laws and regulations and shall be responsible for any damage caused as a consequence of any accident while using the bike. In the same way, The Company shall not be responsible for any fine or penalty resulting from any violation of the mentioned laws and regulations.

14. The User has knowledge of the risks involved when riding a bike and shall be the only responsible for the damages caused to himself/herself, to third parties or to any other personal or real property because of the normal or abnormal use of the bikes.

15. The Company shall not be responsible for any claim for personal injuries or material damages caused to himself/herself or to third parties by The User or to objects of his/her property.

16. In case of puncture or breakdown, the roadside-assistance is covered. In such a case, call at the number +34 902 100 349 (RACE) for assistance wherever you are.

17. It is forbidden the use of the bikes on the beach. The damages caused by the sand shall have an additional charge to the value of 200€.

18. All suits that may arise with respect to this Agreement shall be settled at the Courts of the city of Valencia.

19. Claim forms are available for clients in our website.

20. This Agreement adjusts to and observes the rights of customers and users in conformity with the applicable Spanish legislation.