Bianchi Infinito cv with Countervail technology

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Bianchi Infinito cv

Designed to cover long distances at speed, the 2017 Bianchi Infinito CV Road Frameset marks a strategic re-thinking of how we define racing bikes by shifting the focus to a less stressed riding position with relaxed geometry without sacrificing efficiency or power transfer. For the Infinito, this manifests as a taller head tube and elongated wheelbase for increased comfort to shepherd riders through rough roads and epic centuries with ease.

The Infinito was designed for the rider who wants to mix it up on Saturday’s fast tempo group ride yet still remain comfortable logging a century on Sunday. An amazing high end road bicycle. Fast, comfortable, fatigue-reducing and stylish, the Bianchi Infinito CV delivers an astonishing ride.

What does cv mean?

CV stands for Countervail, a vibration cancelling composite technology that the Italian brand has been using on its road bikes for a couple of years already. Bianchi says the CV technology absorbs up to 80% of the vibrations.

According to Bianchi scientific studies prove that long term exposure to vibration, typically absorbed by the rider, causes muscle fatigue and discomfort, resulting in reduced performance.

Traditional passive damping of the frame using superficial rubber inserts and isolators are only marginally effective compared to the integrated carbon Countervail® system developed by Bianchi and proven in the extreme conditions of NASA aerospace operations.With its patented carbon fiber architecture, Countervail® carbon material, embedded within the unique Infinito CV immediately cancels vibration while increasing the stiffness and strength of the entire frame.

In this video you can see a simple visual demonstration of the COUNTERVAIL® material reaction under vibration.

The advantages of Countervail system are:

  • Maximized ride control and handling under normal to extreme vibration loads
  • Reduced muscle fatigue and increased energy savings in distance rides
  • Increased rigidity and peak power output over long distances

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