Route #1. Four mountain passes: Pico del Águila, Almedijar, Eslida & Oronet

It is a extremely beautiful road bicycle route, although you need to be in good shape to enjoy it. We have a long day cycling from the city of Valencia, about 160 km with +2000 m of cumulative elevation gain and four mountain passes. In the months of July and August you have to start early to avoid the heat of the day. This tour is very usual as preparation for the marches in May, June and July, but mostly as preparation of the classic Quebrantahuesos cyclosportive route. The hardness of this route is the number of hours and the cumulative elevation gain (+2.000 m). Good roads, except for Almedijar mountain pass descent, but the views are so beautiful there that is worth sacrificing 6 km of a irregular road surface due to the beauty of the route. Eslida is a good intermediate point to recover strength and is a meeting point for a lot of cyclists cycling through Sierra Espadán. You will ride through very quiet roads and good pavement. A highly recommended route.


Recommended period: all year round

Difficulty: High

Positive Ascension: +2.025 m

Distance: 161 Km

Return time: 7h (average of +/- 25 Km/h)


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