Experience Pico del Águila and Oronet

We will start our route from Valencia city or if you prefer we can make it shorter from Betera. Betera is a village strategically located to explore Sierra Calderona making our routes easier. We will enter into the heart of Sierra through Olocau and Gatova which are typical landscape villages of Valencia rounded by mediterranean forest and a low car density roads. The Águila Peak ascent is long but the rates are moderate making its suitable for any cyclist who is physically prepared for the medium difficulty climb . The Oronet is a beautiful mountain location with the sea on the left situated on the north side of Valencia .The contrasts of green and blue are a real pleasure for your mind.

Recommended for the whole year.

Level: High
Upwards: 1367+
Distance: 118 km
Tour time: 4H 30´ (media de +/- 25km/h)

Rent bicycle, from 29€ person for a  day  

Rent bicycle +  Instructor, from49€ person for a  day  (pax 4 per,) 

Rent bicycle +  Instructor + Hotel with breakfast, from79€ person and day  (pax 4 per.) 

Rent bicycle +  Instructor + Hotel with breakfast + Lunch, from 109€ person and  day  (pax 4 per.) 

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